Anne in Toronto.

Igor did a great job replacing the clay waste pipes in our 100-year-old Toronto home. We now have modern waste plumbing and no worries about the possibility of sewer back-ups, thanks to the simultaneous installation of a backwater valve and sump pump. The crew were quick and professional, and we particularly appreciated their thorough clean-up afterward.

Plumbing review in Toronto

Mister Plumber Response

Thank you, Anne, for your review. Many homeowners underestimate importance of keeping underground sewer pipe in a proper condition. Pipes, like all things, are getting older and in case of multiple problems with underground drain, the smartest decision is to do full replacement versus spot repairs. Also, installation of backwater valve will save your basement in case of sewage backup from street pipe. City of Toronto is growing and load on sewer pipes increases dramatically. So, in the future, we expect more often drain problems caused by overfilled city sewer system. That’s why Mister Plumber always suggest to combine pipe replacement and backwater valve installation for additional protection plus getting rebate under ” flood subsidy program “. Thanks for choosing us. Mister Plumber team.

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