It is a safe and cost-effective way to permanently solve many sewer problems. Unfortunately, this technology is still new enough that many homeowners have never heard of it, and think their only option is hiring a plumbing company with a backhoe to destroy their lawn.

It’s very important to know the facts about this option before you have issues with your sewer line so you can make an informed decision.

Here are some very important things you should know about trenchless digging.

– Very little digging is necessary

Unlike traditional sewer line repair, which involves creating very large trenches that cut through your lawn, driveway and other parts of your property, trenchless plumbing saves your home, lawn and foundation. The sewer line can be replaced from two access holes on either end of the pipe with very little disruption.

– Get a seamless new sewer pipe

This type of sewer line replacement is a three-step process that begins with evaluating your plumbing line with a camera, clearing out the inside of the pipe and covering the interior of the old pipe with a high-quality epoxy. This creates a brand-new pipe-within-a-pipe that is free of any cracks, holes, or damage.

– Prevent future damage

Traditional sewer line replacement does not just destroy your property, it will also set you up for the very same plumbing issues years down the road. For example, if tree roots were making their way into your old sewer line, it is a matter of time before they do it again to the new traditional line. Epoxy lining with the trenchless method will avoid this completely.

– Save money on repairs

Trenchless sewer repairs eliminates much of the labor costs. You will not have to hire a crew to dig up your property, nor will you need to pay for street repairs or traffic redirection. You can also avoid the cost of replacing landscaping, driveways, patios and more that were damaged.

– Trenchless digging is not an option for every homeowner, but it is very versatile and it can work in many situations.

If you have concerns about your sewer line, contact a Toronto plumbing company that specializes in trenchless repair to inspect your line and make recommendations. When possible, this is the preferred method to replace or repair a sewer line because it completely rids the homeowner of previous problems and creates a brand-new, long-lasting sewer pipe.

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