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Many Toronto homes still have main sewer pipes made of vitrified clay, particularly those built before the 1980s. Given that many houses in the city are between 80 to 100 years old, their drain pipes are similarly aged. The primary issue with clay sewer pipes is their susceptibility to tree root penetration, which can lead to severe clogs or even pipe collapse. Because these pipes are underground, problems often remain hidden until significant drainage issues, such as basement sewage backups, arise. Fixing a pipe buried 8-12 feet deep can be complex and expensive. Traditionally, replacing an old sewer line involved digging a trench to remove the clay pipe and installing a new PVC pipe. However, in Toronto, Mister Plumber offers a modern, trenchless solution using advanced pipe bursting technology.

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How the Trenchless Method Works

Our trenchless technology uses the existing clay pipe as a guide for a special torpedo. This device travels through the old pipe, causing it to crack or burst, creating a slightly larger space for the new PVC pipe. The powerful machine we use can handle clay pipes of 4″ or 6″ diameter and can replace sections up to 100 feet long. This method requires just two access points—typically one near the main drain at the basement’s front wall and another near the property line. This technology is effective in all soil types, including those with high water tables. An initial camera inspection and precise underground pipe location are essential steps in the process. Our experienced Toronto plumbers are skilled in using this and other innovative tools for drain services. Homeowners can trust us for reliable solutions.

Trenchless pipe bursting

Benefits of Trenchless Sewer Pipe Replacement

There are several advantages to using this advanced technology:

1. Saves Time and Money: Less time spent on the job translates to lower costs for homeowners.
2. Minimal Landscape Disturbance: Preserve your trees, bushes, interlocking, concrete pad, lawn, and more. Traditional methods often involve significant restoration costs.
3. Reduced Maintenance: New PVC pipes have glued connections, eliminating the risk of tree root intrusion and reducing the need for future drain cleaning.

Why Torontonians Choose Mister Plumber

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Trenchless Sewer Line Repair and Replacement


Upgrade Your Old Clay Sewer Pipe with Mister Plumber

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