troubleshooting plumbing issues in TorontoWater pressure in the house depends on many factors.

The most important is the size of the supply pipe. It is obvious that the larger the pipe, the better pressure. For residential houses with one family in Toronto the minimum diameter of the pipe is 3/4”. Such pipe consists of two portions: the city portion and private area. Even after the private portion upgrade there is no difference until the city side is replaced with a sufficient size pipe. Next factor is the main shut off valve in the basement which is located near the water meter. For example, the gate valve cuts the pressure by approximately 20% compared to a full port ball valve.
In the past, after replacement of the main shut off valve, the water pressure increased and the home owner was satisfied and did not require any other upgrades. Another factor is the piping inside the house. In the “trunk and branches” type of water distribution, only branches must be half inch and trunk must be 3/4”. With the exception of the above mentioned factors, there are some additional ones that are met in certain houses. On the picture, this particular tap and all the other faucets including the toilet fill valves were clogged by carbon from old softener. This means that every cartridge and aerator must be cleaned thoroughly in order to restore the water pressure in whole house.
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