Have you ever been so bothered by your sink that clogged-up?

How did you fix it?

Did you even bother to investigate what could have caused the mess?

Most people are more concern on the solution and tend to neglect the major cause of the problem. When faced by a plumbing problem, we rarely dig deeper and find out what are the reasons for the malfunction. What we immediately take into consideration is to solve it or call a plumber to do the job when you finally give up.

When your sink clogs up, it could be due to so many reasons. However, in recent surveys, it was found out that the top causes of clogs are as follows:

1.  Grease, Oil and other fatty substances

We cannot deny the fact that there are times when we are too busy and too tired that we get so lazy that we don’t mind what we pour on the sink. Only to find out that we actually disposed of liquid containing grease, oil and fat that got mixed up with other substances creating a stubborn clog on the sink. According to survey results, grease, oil and fat are among the primary reasons of cooled liquid build-up causing clogs.

2. Hair

Fallen hair strands are another major cause of clog especially in the bathroom sink. It gets so stubborn especially when it is not cleared over a long period of time. It is important that you install a screen that would serve as a trap preventing hairs from causing blockage in your bathroom sink.

3. Tiny Objects

Tiny objects such as a small toy, pins, baby wipes, toilet papers and sanitary napkins are also among the things that could cause major blockage. Don’t treat your sinks as a trash bin where you can just throw anything under the sun. Most of all, if you have kids at home warn  them about the problems that may arise when  small things are left unguarded.

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