Optimal Basement Protection: A Comprehensive Guide to Flood Prevention

In today’s context, basements have evolved beyond mere storage spaces; they serve as recreational or living areas, making flood protection essential. Various sources can lead to basement flooding, with the primary culprits being sanitary drains and storm drains. Sanitary drains rely on sloped pipes that use gravity to guide wastewater to municipal sewers, while storm drains depend on sump pumps powered by electricity. Mister Plumber offers expert inspections, consultations, and maintenance for both systems, ensuring your basement remains dry and secure.

Understanding Sump Pumps:

A sump pump is a crucial electronic device composed of a body, motor, floater switch, and discharge outlet. Housed in a sump pit, it operates automatically based on water levels. Weeping tiles channel underground water to the pit, triggering the pump when the water level rises. The pump then discharges water through a 1.5″ pipe, protected by a check valve to prevent backflow. With a 110 Volt power requirement, it is imperative to have a separate power line with its circuit breaker to avoid overload. Mister Plumber specializes in installing and maintaining sump pumps, favoring the reliable “Liberty” brand.

Waterproofing and sump pump installation in Etobicoke

Determining Sump Pump Power:

To assess pump strength, engineers use the unit of horsepower (HP). Given that residential sump pits are generally 24″ in diameter and 30″ in depth, an ideal submersible pump would be 1/3″ or 1/2″ HP. Installing a more powerful pump for such a pit volume can lead to frequent cycling, affecting the pump’s longevity. With various brands available, consulting with experts, like those at Mister Plumber, is essential before making a decision.

Enhancing Basement Protection:

Considering that sump pumps are electronic and can fail, homeowners should explore additional protective measures. Installing a battery backup pump, functioning on a marine deep cycle battery, serves as a secondary device in case the primary pump fails during a power outage. Some homeowners opt for a power generator for the entire house, ensuring power to all appliances, including the sump pump. Our Vaughan certified plumbers suggest the installation of two pumps – a primary and a secondary backup pump – as an optimal solution.

Sump and battery backup pump in Etobicoke basement

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