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Toilets are an essential fixture in every Vaughan household, serving a common purpose despite their diverse styles, colors, and dimensions. While a new toilet functions flawlessly, various issues may arise over time due to factors such as aging, mineral buildup, improper usage, worn parts, tank mechanism breakdown, or changes in water pressure. At Mister Plumber, our Vaughan plumbers come prepared with a fully-equipped truck containing common replacement parts and the necessary tools to provide on-the-spot plumbing and drain services.

Toilet Repair and Replacement Services in Vaughan


Addressing toilet malfunctions often requires a keen understanding of symptoms and their underlying causes. For instance, a bad flush could result from a blockage in the bowl trap, a drain pipe clog, insufficient water from the tank, lack of a vent pipe in the drainage system, or mineral buildup within the integral trapway. This emphasizes the importance of hiring a professional plumber to conduct a thorough diagnostic assessment of the toilet problem.

Here’s a list of toilet issues we adeptly handle:

1. Clogged bowl
2. Slow flushing
3. Running toilet
4. Bowl overflow
5. Slow-filling tank
6. Toilet backup
7. Gurgling noise
8. Water hammer
9. Broken handle
10. Faulty flapper
11. Fill valve replacement
12. No flushing
13. Leak from toilet
14. Hissing noise from tank
15. Ghost flushing
16. Frequent congestion
17. Worn gaskets

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How to Address a Broken Toilet:

Identifying the root cause of a malfunctioning toilet is crucial since similar symptoms may indicate different issues. For example, if you observe slow flushing, try pouring a pail of water into the bowl to observe the result. If it flushes effectively, your tank may not be discharging the required water for proper siphonic action. In this case, check the water level inside the tank, ensuring it’s slightly below the edge of the overflow tube. Another common issue is a leak at the base of the toilet bowl, which could stem from various reasons. To avoid exacerbating the problem, Mister Plumber recommends calling a professional plumber for a comprehensive investigation and timely repairs.

Toilet Repair and Replacement Services in Vaughan

When Replacement is Necessary:

For old or faulty toilets requiring replacement, homeowners should consider a few essential factors. Opt for a well-known brand that ensures easy availability of replacement parts. Additionally, consider the type of flush mechanism – dual flush toilets are popular but may be costlier to repair than traditional lever handle toilets. Newer toilets often feature comfort height, elongated bowls, and fully glazed bowl traps, reducing the likelihood of mineral buildup and ensuring efficient flushing. Before making a purchase, always verify features like soft-closed toilet seats. If you’ve already made a purchase, contact Mister Plumber at 416-939-1530 to schedule expert repair or installation. Our licensed and experienced Vaughan plumbers are available every day to provide prompt plumbing and drain services.