The waste water pipe from the basement bathtub broke at the point where it goes into the junction for the main pipe. I have removed the bathtub and toilet and part of the subfloor to gain access to the main sewage pipe. The previous owner lowered the basement floor but kept the main waste water pipe at the original level. The main waste water pipe is horizontal where the junction is. As well as doing this repair I would like a partial pressure test of the basement waste water pipes. Do you have the equipment to seal off some of the pipes in the basement via inflatable bulbs without capping them? By a partial pressure test I was thinking you might add water via the kitchen sink on the main floor and not test above the kitchen. But I am open to other suggestions.

The waste water pipe is 3” in diameter. I bought a junction, some additional 3” and 1 ½” pipe and a cap. I don’t want to hook the bathtub up at this point because there is a subfloor below where the bathtub was that got damaged with the waste water leak and I want to remove the subfloor first.

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