Water Heater LeakingYou know the saying… prevention is the best medicine?

Well it’s true. Too many times Toronto homeowners and renters do not take the time to make sure that everything is OK… often times they wait. Until it’s too late and you are stuck having to shell out thousands of dollars (usually) to repair the damage.

We will talk about why it’s better to be Proactive than Reactive.


What does it mean to be proactive? It means taking preventative measure to ensure that everything is OK. That mean regularly checks on the plumbing on the house to make sure everything is great. Yes plumbers are expensive but you know what’s even more expensive? Water Damage Restoration.

Ensure that if there are any small leaks that you might think aren’t big… doesn’t matter! Handle it because chances are that it will bite you back in the end. Check around the house to make sure that all cracks are sealed so that outside moisture won’t make its way inside. Ever heard of black mold? Mold Remediation? I’m sure you have and it’s not something you want floating around in your house or even potentially in your lungs!

When you make sure that you are being proactive the chances of something happening to your home in terms of water or mold damage is reduced.


So you don’t listen to my warning. You decide you are going to be reactive because… money or just don’t have the time. That leak that’s been happening under your bathtub all of a sudden is pooling down to the first floor. Something that would have been a small cost has now become a big problem. That leak is now spreading… a couple days later now you start smelling the mildew. You open up the windows now and try to air it out. You patch the ceiling and paint over it.

Easy right?

What’s the black thing coming from that spot?

Surprise you have mold. What could have been having someone come in and change and dry the leak has now become a HEALTH problem. People have various sensitivites to mold exposure but the one type of mold that is not good for anyone is black mold. Now I’m not trying to scare you but you have yourself in some mess. Thank goodness for insurance right?

Well mold removal is no walk in the park and often times it means cutting out the walls, containing the area. That’s people in and out as well as money lost. It could have been avoided but you decided that you’d rather go see Beyonce than handle your leak. Well say hello to that deductible (if you are prepared)!

Don’t wait. At the first signs or even before then… make sure you check so you can avoid it all!

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