Toronto home plumbing systemFinding a leak or experiencing a flood in your home can be a frustrating experience, and often, many Toronto homeowners become focused only on the inconvenience of cleaning up the mess. But did you know that a water damage situation can potentially be dangerous to your health? Whether it’s the source of the water (sewer back up?), or the length of time a leak has been going on (mold?) if you don’t take the appropriate measures and put together the necessary plan of action to properly clean up the water damage, you can be potentially putting the health of yourself and the inhabitants of the structure at risk.

Immediate Action is Needed

It doesn’t matter if it’s a small leak or a big flood, what is important is that you take action right away. With water damage, time is a key factor in determining the amount of damage, and ultimately, the price that will need to be paid to repair your home.

Any type of moisture or water damage can lead to mold growth within 72 hours (under certain conditions, for instance, grossly contaminated water with copious amounts of biological contamination, this time window shortens dramatically). So, make sure that you call water mitigation experts right away when you find the problem.

Mold Growth after a Flood

Mold spores are present in the air in most environments, and a healthy environment has trace amounts of spores. When water damage occurs and the affected area stays damp for an extended period of time, this can foster an environment where mold might begin to grow unrestrained. As a result, the mold spore count in the air can increases drastically, which can have a negative impact on the health of everyone in the area.

Even if the mold growth is in a mostly unused or uninhabited area, like the basement or attic, the spores can move throughout the structure of your home and potentially cause many serious health problems. Luckily, most of the time mold growth can be prevented (or contained if it is present already) and easily treated if you catch the problem right away and hire an expert water mitigation contractor to take care of the cleanup process.

If you take action and get started on the flood cleanup right away, then it is much easier to prevent mold issues from occurring. The longer you wait, the bigger the problem will get. Procrastination can be very expensive when it comes to water damage and mold growth.

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