Old cast iron corroded leaky drain pipe in the basement

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Discover the Hidden World of Pipes Behind Your Walls

Many are aware of the pipes concealed behind drywall, but few realize the extensive network – spanning thousands of feet – underneath floors, around houses, and within ceilings. Comprising various joints, including couplings, T-connectors, caps, and valves, these pipes form intricate systems. In the realm of plumbing, these systems are divided into water distribution and drainage. With water entering the supply pipes under city pressure (50-70 PSI), any weakness within this system can become a potential leak point. Even non-pressurized drain systems can experience leaks due to cracks or pinholes during fixture usage. It’s essential to note that water leaks are not exclusive to plumbing issues; they can also be linked to radiators, furnaces, rainwater, or condensation. Our licensed plumbers in Toronto conduct comprehensive investigations and employ advanced water leak detection techniques to guide homeowners on the necessary steps.

Leak from main water line

Understanding the Causes of Water Leaks

1. Material fatigue due to age
2. Corrosion processes
3. Rubber parts deteriorating from chlorine exposure
4. Tension on pipes due to house settling or improper installation
5. Pipe, fitting, or faucet cracking or bursting due to freezing
6. Improper shower waterproofing membrane installation
7. Cracks in tiles and tubs
8. Lack of silicone around faucet trims
9. Pipes damaged by screws or nails during construction
10. Misuse of faucet or valve

Old cast iron corroded leaky drain pipe in the basement

Common Types of Water Leaks

1. Toilet leaks: Caused by faulty gaskets between bowl and flange or tank and bowl, potentially damaging floors and ceilings.
2. Kitchen sink leaks: Numerous pipes and fittings beneath the sink pose a higher risk of leaks inside the kitchen cabinet.
3. Ceiling leaks: May result from plumbing fixture leaks, bathroom pipe issues, or shower membrane failures; the water spot on the ceiling might not indicate the exact problem location.

Leak from tap under kitchen

Trust Mister Plumber for Professional Leak Repairs

Operating in Toronto for over two decades, our skilled plumbers possess extensive experience repairing various leaks, including pipes, faucets, tubs, sinks, showers, and toilets. We prioritize permanent solutions over quick fixes with tapes or pastes. If you suspect or detect a water leak, contact us promptly at 416-939-1530 to prevent floods, property damage, or unexpectedly high water bills. Mister Plumber collaborates closely with a restoration company, ensuring efficient solutions in flood emergencies.

The Leak Repair Process Unveiled

After identifying the leak’s cause, our plumbers decide whether to replace a part or the entire pipe or tap. Access to hidden plumbing behind drywall often requires openings for proper repairs, occasionally necessitating restoration work afterward. However, not all leak repairs cause destruction, and our highly-rated Toronto plumbers carry parts, pipes, fittings, and taps for on-the-spot repairs. Don’t wait for severe water damage – call us for immediate assistance.

Underground main water line leak repair

Understanding Leak Repair Costs

The cost of water leak repair depends on three factors:
1. Nature and extent of breakdown
2. Access to the broken area
3. Cost of parts for the repair

Experiencing a water leak? Call Mister Plumber at 416-939-1530 or submit an online request to schedule professional leak repair services in Toronto, Etobicoke, North York, and Scarborough. Our certified plumbers are available every day, delivering high-tech plumbing and drain services.