When you have a doubt of having any water leak in your premises then it is not always necessary to call the professional straightaway. You may also find that leak on your own without consulting them. Water leak detection is a very simple process if followed properly. On having doubt of any leak just look at your home without taking any professional help.

There are certain obvious points or areas of leakages, so you have to check those points very deeply and carefully.

Water Leak In the kitchen:

Look at the dishwasher under the sink where it is connected to the water supply through hose, as it is the most probable location of leaks. If the bottom of the dishwasher gets discolored or warped then there is a strong possibility of any leak here. Also check the drain pipe for any blockage or leak.

Water Leak In the Bathroom:

This is also one of most probable location for any water leak to occur. Showers and bathtubs becomes the prime reason of water wastage sometimes. Damaged seals, causing stains or soft areas become the medium for water leakage. Toilets may also be the cause of leak but many of those problems can be sorted out by yourself on your own.

Float arm problems can be detected by taking off the toilet top and then flushing it. Then listen to the sound of water shut off. If there is no sound of water shut off and water runs into the overflow pipe then you must bend the float arm to stop water.

Water Leak – Basement, Laundry or Utility room:

Check washing machine hoses for any bulge, fray, crack or leak around its ends. Change the hose if any such problem found or it’s better to replace it in every three to five years as a precautionary measure.

Water heaters are also the reason of leakage sometimes. The age of normal heater is between eight to fifteen years after that it must be replaced. Wet spots on floor or a rusted tank are the symptoms of leaks.

Sump pumps should also be checked properly before the starting of any wet season. The sump pumps lasts for 10 years, after that it must be replaced.  

Some fire suppression systems may also leak if not installed properly. So, make sure that they are tightly installed.

Swimming pools are also sometime becomes the cause of water leakages.

So, these were some points which one should keep in mind while searching leaks.

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