Water service upgrade in Brampton

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Ensuring the integrity of your underground main water line is crucial for maintaining a reliable water supply to your home’s plumbing fixtures. In Brampton, residences vary in their piping systems, with older homes typically equipped with lead or smaller copper pipes, while newer constructions boast larger copper pipes for improved water pressure, especially during simultaneous usage of multiple fixtures. Adhering to Ontario plumbing codes, which mandate a minimum diameter of 3/4″ for main water lines in single-family dwellings, Mister Plumber offers comprehensive solutions for water line replacements and upgrades tailored to Brampton’s diverse needs.

Water service upgrade in Brampton

Insights into Our Water Supply Pipe Installation Process

At Mister Plumber, we begin by scheduling underground utilities location services to ensure safe excavation, considering gas lines, cables, and hydro systems. Depending on soil conditions, we employ either torpedo drilling or trench excavation techniques. Trenching is preferred for new constructions or dense soil types, while torpedoes minimize landscape disruption in softer soil. Our certified plumbers meticulously install new copper pipes ranging from 3/4″ to 1.25″, connecting them to the city’s main pipe and water meter in the basement. Each installation includes a new main shut-off valve and meticulous re-cementing around the newly laid pipe, followed by comprehensive assistance through mandatory inspection procedures.


Why Brampton Residents Trust Mister Plumber

With over 20 years of experience serving Brampton, Mister Plumber stands as the premier choice for water service solutions due to:

✅ Licensing and insurance for your peace of mind
✅ Transparent and competitive pricing
✅ State-of-the-art equipment and machinery
✅ Utilization of high-quality pipes and components
✅ Exceptional customer service throughout the process
✅ Locally owned and operated for community trust
✅ Fast, professional, and reliable service
✅ Superior workmanship and attention to detail
✅ Comprehensive plumbing and drain services
✅ Free expert advice for all plumbing needs
✅ Contractor’s warranty for added assurance
✅ Proficiency in handling complex installations
✅ Over 200 positive reviews from satisfied customers on Google

A Message to Homeowners in Brampton

At Mister Plumber, we are committed to being your go-to licensed plumbing contractor for all water service needs in Brampton. Whether you require repairs, replacements, upgrades, or new installations, we’re here to streamline the process and alleviate any stress. Simply reach out to us at 416-939-1530 or submit an online request, and we’ll handle the rest. Join our community of satisfied customers and trust Mister Plumber to deliver exceptional plumbing services, ensuring your peace of mind and the integrity of your home’s water supply.