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In 2011, Mississauga City Council approved the Lead in Drinking Water Mitigation Strategy to help reduce lead in drinking water. Replacing the lead pipe that delivers water to your home is the best way to reduce your exposure to lead from drinking water and to protect your family’s health.
Mississauga homeowners are responsible for the private portion of the water pipe (i.e., the portion running from the property line to the water meter or into the home). The City strongly encourages homeowners with lead pipes that deliver water to replace their portion in order to reduce health effects from exposure to lead in drinking water.

There are still lead pipes providing water service throughout the City of Mississauga, but starting in 2011 they have taken it upon themselves to conduct 1,500 water service replacements every year. There are two sections of pipe that must be replace, the privately own portion of the pipe that runs from the property line to the water meter (or inside of the building) and the City-owned portion of the water service pipe that connects the from the property line to the actual watermain.
Replacing this whole connection is necessary to significantly reduce the lead contamination present in the water – the City will replace it at the same time or after the privately owned pipe has been replaced but in order to do so you must fill out their priority lead water service replacement form. Please find a link to that form below
Here is the Priority Lead Water Service Replacement form.
We also perform new water service installation which is useful in the event that you need to install new water service in your house or home. Contact us to discuss this process.

Water service installation & water service upgrade in Mississauga are complicated tasks that should be left up to professional plumbers.

Mister Plumber provide water service upgrade in Mississauga services to the entire of all Mississauga Area:

  • New Water Service Installation for a new home

  • Service Upgrading and Replacement of old water connections

  • Removal of Lead Piping

  • New Water Service

  • Water Meter Installation

  • Upgrading Your Service (pipe upsizing, replacing old galvanized pipe with copper and other)

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Upgrading your water service can remove lead contamination from your drinking water, also it provides an effective way to remedy low water pressure issues.

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