If you’ve never had a water softener in your Toronto home, you may be missing out on the comfort and convenience this tool can provide.

Unfortunately, many homeowners have been given erroneous information over the years, making them apprehensive about adding a softener system. Modern technology has improved water softeners a lot over the past decade, and it’s time to revisit the benefits (and maybe a drawback or two).

What Is Hard Water?

Water is considered hard when is has mineral ions in it, normally in the form of calcium and magnesium. You can even see the whitish mineral residue swirling around when you fill a clear glass from the tap.

Hard water can degrade your home’s plumbing system, your washing machine, dishwasher and your water heater tank. It causes your shampoo not to lather, your skin to feel dry and scaly and makes it hard to completely rinse away soap residue.

When you add a softening system, excess mineral ions are removed and replaced with sodium bicarbonate. This simple process can make all the difference for your family’s comfort and health.

Why Do We Want Soft Water?

One of the biggest advantages of adding a softening system is personal comfort. In the shower, you’ll need less soap and you’ll feel much cleaner after rinsing off. When you get a drink of water, you’ll no longer have to choke down the smelly, cloudy liquid that previously came from the faucet.

Your pipes, faucets and fixtures will thank you too, as they won’t become corroded and clogged with mineral buildup. This means fewer visits from your favorite plumber, too.

Your home appliances and water heater will last longer and require fewer repairs. Your dishes and clothes will come through the wash much cleaner and softer too!

What’s Bad About It?

Historically, the biggest complaint about the softening process involved the need to periodically flush the system, which can waste some water. New technologies have significantly reduced the amount of waste produced, however, so this concern isn’t really relevant any longer.

You must, of course, consider the cost and maintenance involved with a softener, but today’s systems cost much less to install and care for than they used to. If you buy bottled water, you can kiss that expense goodbye. You’ll also save money over time by using less soap and detergent, which is good for the environment as well as your wallet.

Seek Expert Advice before Making Your Decision

Although this information is enough to get you started, it’s important that you speak to a professional to get the full story. Contact a licensed Toronto plumbing contractor in your area and ask for a consultation.

The contractor can test your home’s water and evaluate your plumbing system. He or she also can explain all the benefits and challenges of adding a water softening system to your home, and provide you with a solid cost estimate.

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