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You wake up, get up to stretch, and suddenly your feet are in a pool of water. It happened. Your basement flooded.

Basements are frequently the victim of water seepage. A wet basement is one of the most prevalent challenges with Toronto houses. But waterproofing can be the investment that ensures your basement stands fully protected.

What is a waterproofing service?

Waterproofing ensures that water cannot enter your basement. It is done by applying a protective coating with special mud and trowels onto the walls of your basement. The products used in the process will provide a permanent seal against water seepage to ensure your basement remains unaffected by any outside moisture.

The right waterproofing professionals will have the best tools to dig out and install the waterproofing system flawlessly.

Why waterproof?

Waterproofing is essential for every home because it keeps your family and valuables safe from potential damage caused by water leakage. This includes:

  • Increase the value of your home
  • Keep your family safe from water dangers
  • Secure priceless valuables against any potential damage
  • Protect your health and well-being Keep the peace of mind knowing you have a fully waterproofed basement.

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Important reminders

Water leaks in the basement do not always indicate poor house construction. Water can appear in any type of structure, including well-built houses.

Although most cases may be resolved by diverting surface water away from the structure, leakages are not always so easily fixable.

Water damage does not always begin as a flood. Leaks may appear gradually without you noticing them right away. To prevent water from seeping into your basement, homeowners should contact a professional to inspect and fix any problems with their foundation.

A wet basement can lead to a variety of complications such as microbial growth, mold and mildew, bad odors, rusting metal, and peeling paint. It could even depressurize the living areas above, causing cracked walls and ceilings.

Mister Plumber is one of the leading specialists in basement waterproofing. Our Toronto plumbers investigate each situation and attempt to resolve the problem promptly. Many of the common issues we resolve: broken sump pump, cracks in the foundation, not properly installed window well, and much more.

Interior waterproofing service in Mississauga

Typically, this involves opening the floor along the perimeter of the foundation and installing weeping tiles and membranes. As the water drains from the foundation and behind the membrane, it collects in the weeping tiles and travels to the sump well. We have one of Toronto’s most recognized drainage systems, which doesn’t need much maintenance.

Our Mississauga waterproofing company takes special care of the job, including daily clean-up and hand finishes to protect your basement from future damage.

Exterior waterproofing service in Mississauga

A home’s moisture and water problems significantly reduce its value and its quality of life. Often realtors advise their clients to fix the water issues before putting the house on the market. If the problems aren’t fixed, the asking price at the time of sale will be lower.

We specialize in installing exterior drainage systems designed to eliminate foundation seepage. When we do this, it will also increase the value of your home. We will ensure a proper installation and use top-quality products to protect your house from future seepage.

Our Mississauga waterproofing service ensures that water drainage does not enter your basement by applying an exterior membrane. It is applied to the foundation with special muds and tapes to provide you with a high-quality waterproofing job.

Mister Plumber offers the industry’s best warranty on our services, so our customers are fully satisfied with their choice of Mister Plumber. When you choose us for your Mississauga waterproofing needs, you get the confidence of knowing that we will stand by you throughout the entire project.

Here’s a glimpse of how your waterproofing service is done:

Exterior waterproofing for Mississauga homes: The step-by-step

Step 1: Digging.

We determine the best location for drain tiles. We dig shallow trenches around the house to accommodate weeping tiles.

Digging Toronto

Step 2: Fixing foundation with special cement where needed.

When water seeps through the foundation wall, it can get worse over time and surge your repair bill. After we have applied our waterproofing membrane, we use a special cement to prevent future
cracks in the foundation wall.

Fixing foundation with special cement where needed

Step 3: Applying tar.

The cracks with tar are another important step. We apply special roofing materials that are designed to be applied to your foundation walls. They are easy to clean and will prevent the formation of mold, mildew, and bad odors in the future.

back-up drain Toronto

Step 4: Applying clear plastic.

It’s time to apply clear plastic. Inside the house, we cover the floor with a sturdy layer of plastic sheeting. We use special tape to fix it to the wall and seal any holes or gaps in your basement floor.

basement flood Toronto

Step 5: Installation of the membrane.

waterproofing basement Toronto

Step 6: Installation of weeping tiles along with filling of gravel.

Snake drain Toronto

Step 7: Make a new connection to the storm system if required.

roots drain Toronto

Step 8: Backfilling

roots drain Toronto

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