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Basements are often vulnerable to water seepage. Wet basement is one of the most common problems found in Mississauga homes. Over 90% of homes are susceptible to leaks and suffer damage at one point in life.

Common Misconceptions:

Water leakages in the basement do not necessarily mean that the house was poorly constructed. In fact, water can appear anywhere, including in well-built homes.
Water leakages are not always solvable. Majority of the situations can be resolved by directing surface water away from the building.

A basement leakage can pose a hazard to your health, leading to mold, messes and bad odors. Mister Plumber is one of the leading specialists in basement waterproofing. Our Mississauga plumbers investigate each situation, and attempt to resolve the problem promptly. Many of the common issues we resolve: broken sump pump, cracks in foundation, not properly installed window well and much more.

Waterproofing in Mississauga : Interior

This usually involves opening the floor along the perimeter of the foundation and installing weeping tiles and membrane. The water that comes from foundation and behind the membrane is now collected in the weeping tiles and travels to sump well. Our drainage system is one of the most recognized in Mississauga and does not require much maintenance.

Waterproofing in Mississauga : Exterior

Moisture and water issues significantly devalue the home and diminish quality of life. Realtors often tell their clients to rectify the water issues prior to putting the house on the market. The asking price lowers, if the issues are not addressed.

We specialize in installing exterior drainage systems designed to completely address foundation seepage issues.

Exterior waterproofing in Mississauga

Digging Toronto
Step 1. Digging

Fixing foundation with special cement where needed
Step 2. Fixing foundation with special cement where needed

back-up drain Toronto
Step 3. Applying tar

basement flood Toronto
Step 4. Applying clear plastic

waterproofing basement Toronto
Step 5. Installation of membrane

Snake drain Toronto
Step 6.
Installation of weeping tiles along with filling of gravel

roots drain Toronto
Step 7. Making new connection to storm system if required

roots drain Toronto
Step 8. Backfilling

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