Corroded water pipesClogged Drain Sign 1: Sinks and Bathtubs Empty Slowly

Our plumbing company in the Toronto area often receives telephone calls from customers who are concerned about bathtubs and sinks that drain slowly in commercial and residential properties.

In most cases, a slow running drain indicates that there is a clog developing inside the plumbing system, and it is blocking proper water flow.

Sinks and bathtubs that drain slowly are an inconvenience for our customers, especially large families or businesses that have numerous people who need to use the fixtures in a bathroom or kitchen.

The best time to call us about fixtures that drain slowly is before there is a complete blockage that prevents using a building’s sinks and bathtubs. We have specialized equipment to dislodge clogs or remove debris from the interior surfaces of water pipes and sewer lines.

Clogged Drain Sign 2: There are Strange Sounds as a Fixture Drains

The drains in a building should not make strange noises as water empties into the pipes underneath sinks and bathtubs. Gurgling noises are a sign that debris such as hair and grease is collecting inside the pipes, creating a narrow space for water to flow through as our customers try to empty sinks and bathtubs.

Without an efficient repair from one of our plumbers, the narrow space will eventually close, leading to a clog that prevents any water from emptying from the fixture.

We have mechanical plungers and hydro jetting equipment that can dislodge a large clog or remove debris sticking to the sides of sewer lines to ensure water flows faster from kitchen and bathroom fixtures.

Clogged Drain Sign 3: Foul Odors Emanating from a Bathtub or Sink Drain

When our customers keep noticing a foul odor from a bathtub or sink drain, it indicates that there is a clog in the pipes or sewer line. There is a good chance that the clog’s debris is composed of food particles along with grease and hair that is rotting inside the plumbing system.

When running hot water into the drain does not get rid of the odor, Toronto homeowners need to call us for an expert drain cleaning process that will remove a buildup of debris from the interior surfaces of pipes and sewer lines.

Delaying drain cleaning can lead to serious back ups of debris into bathroom and kitchen fixtures, creating an inconvenience because it will require an emergency repair.

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