Here at Mister Plumber, we love giving you all of the tools you need to tackle basic plumbing maintenance the DIY way. And in Toronto apartments, condos, and homes, small to moderate clogs are about as commonplace as they come.

But if you’ve tried out all of our tricks to unclog that stubborn drain and it’s still not functioning at full capacity, it’s time to consider sending for a plumber. Here’s why…

Why Call a Toronto plumber For a Clog?

Plumbers have access to a wide range of tools and have a good many techniques for unclogging a drain without causing damage to your plumbing, to you, or to the environment.

Occasionally, a seemingly simple clog is actually an indication of a much more serious problem in your pipes, which may be cause for further repair and which the untrained eye might not be able to spot.  Someone who is not a trained plumbing specialist may not be able to recognize the warning signs, and make actually make the issue worse by resorting to chemical drain cleaners or other corrosive and damaging measures.

What Will a Toronto plumber Be Able to Do?

So once they’ve identified the problem, what is your plumber going to do? Here are some ways a professional plumber will tackle a particularly nasty clog:

1.) Drain Snake

A drain snake is one of the first tools that a plumber will try. Think of a drain snake as a corkscrew attached to a flexible and responsive line made of hard metal. The snake is pushed down the drain until it reaches the clog.  The plumber can then either a) push the snake down through the clog to clear it, or b) if it is powered by electricity, they can simply turn it on and let it clear away the clog.  Drain snakes can take care of even the most stubborn clogs – even some caused by ingrown tree roots!

2.) Hydro-Jet

When the going gets tough, the plumber brings out the hydro-jet to get the job done. The hydro-jet uses pressurized water to blast the clog down the drain.  It can also wash away very greasy clogs, all the while giving the rest of your pipes a nice deep clean. Your clog will, 99% of the time, be eliminated by this type of deep-clean (which will often help eliminate other potential clog areas as well).

The bottom line?

If your clog isn’t going away with the basic measures, call in a professional. It will save you time and energy, and ensure that your pipes will not be damaged in the process by procedures (like chemical drain cleaners) that could unknowingly cause your pipes harm.

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