Any clogs or cracks in your Etobicoke home’s sewage line can result in expensive damage if they are not taken care of immediately. In addition to affecting all of your sinks and drains, these plumbing issues could result in water damage throughout your home including the foundation.

Read ahead for a look at three common signs that your sewer line has been damaged and it is time to call the Etobicoke plumber.

I Have Multiple Slow Drains

Many families will not even realize that they are having problems with their sewage line until their drains begin backing up.

Everyone is going to experience slow drains at some point, but these issues are often caused by extra food debris in the sink’s trap or a small amount of hair in the shower.

When multiple drains are slow throughout the house, however, there is likely an issue with the sewage line. All of your home’s drains lead to the sewage line, and a clog further down in the system will likely affect the entire house.

My House Smells Like Sewage

There might occasionally be some unusual smells around sinks and in the bathroom, but a bad odor throughout the house could mean that bigger problems are taking place. Unusual odors can take place for a few different reasons, but two of the most common issues are clogged sewer lines and a cracked sewer lines.

One simple way you can tell if your sewer line is damaged is to head outside on a day without wind. If you can smell sewage outside near where the sewage line is buried, then you are most likely dealing with cracks in the pipe.

There Is Soft Soil Along the Sewer Line

You might be surprised to hear that the state of your yard can tell you quite a bit about your plumbing system. Not every change to your yard is the result of a damaged sewage line, but any dramatic changes in a short period of time is a cause for concern.

This includes standing water near the foundation of your Etobicoke home, soggy patches of water, or unusually lush areas of grass. These problems might be caused by other damaged such as a cracked sprinkler head, but it is always best to err on the side of caution when it comes to your home’s plumbing.

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