galvanized-water-pipesIs your sink starting to smell bad?

Does it smell awful after cleaning dishes or pots and pans?

Is the smell stronger at certain times of day?

A foul smelling sink is not only annoying but it is also very unhealthy for you and your family. While it does not take much for your sink to start to smell terribly, luckily, it is fairly easily fixable.

Why Sink Smells Bad

Whenever you wash dishes, pots, pans, etc. you are washing off food debris. Grease, fat residue, vegetable scraps, grains, nuts, seeds… all get washed off the plates and down your drain. This can cause a multitude of problems.

Many people assume that they can just turn on their garbage disposal and that will be the end of the problem, but, this is wrong. Your garbage disposal can do a lot of the work, but small particles and certain foods can clog up the disposal and drain. Fats liquefy but then solidify after the hot water is gone.

These fat residue can stick to the blades and motor of the garbage disposal and start to rot.

Same is true for vegetables (especially stringy vegetables like celery). Seeds like flax, chia and sunflower can actually end up in your drain and sprout! Bigger seeds like peach pits and avocado seeds can break your garbage disposal blades, or they can break up and get lodged in the pipes.

All of this leads to bacteria growth. The bacteria spreads, grows and causes an unhealthy situation in your sink. It does not take much for that bacteria to spread into your sink and onto your counter tops, faucets, faucet handles, etc.

The worse the smell, the longer those foods have been rotting in your drains and plumbing system.

How to Fix these Problems

Your best bet is to call a professional Toronto plumber. While it is possible to take the garbage disposal apart, clean it and put it back together. Same with your drains and pipes under your sink. But, this is a complicated process and if these parts are put back together improperly, you will have leaks, clogs and run the risk of a burst pipe.

Remember, the clog you see near the sink could be only a small part of the problem… there could also be a clog deeper in the pipes. This leads to pressure build up and burst pipes. Call a plumber. It’s a fairly economical fix and you can have your sink and kitchen back to normal – no smell and totally healthy.

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