Do not let your pipes freeze!

What Happens When Pipes Freeze

When any pipe in your plumbing system freezes, it is put at risk for bursting. This means that it will freeze then break open. The water inside expands when frozen, putting pressure on the pipe. It combines with air and gas inside, causes further expansion and eventually the pipe can not withstand the pressure and cracks open.

Often, you will not even realize that the pipe has broken. You will find out, however, when you see the damage it causes.

If the pipe is in the wall or your basement, it can be tough to know that it was damaged at first.

But, soon you will see:

  • Flooding
  • Water damage
  • Damage to your walls
  • Flooring and sub floor damage
  • Mold growth

As you can see, a broken, leaking pipe can cause a lot of expensive problems, fast.

Why Pipes Freeze

When the temperature outside goes below freezing, especially for more than a few days in a row, the pipes in and under your home are at risk of freezing. There is always some water in them, and if they are not insulated and protected from the cold, they will freeze.

Things to Do When Your Pipes Freeze

Warm Your House Up

Do not use space heaters, blow dryers or blow torches to unfreeze any pipe. This temperature change will damage the structural integrity of the pipe itself, making the problem much worse.

Turn up your thermostat. The heat will eventually warm up the pipes and cause them to thaw out. Make sure you open your bathroom doors and any cabinet doors that house the under-the-sink plumbing. This will help those pipes heat up and defrost quickly.

Open Your Faucets

This is key! Do not neglect this step because it can actually cause severe damage.

When everything freezes, gas and air get trapped inside the pipes. Turning the faucets on allows the air and gas to escape once they defrost. This is an easy, safe way to keep things from breaking.

Let Your Water Drip

This is more for prevention.

When it gets very cold or you are going to be out of the house for a long period of time, turn your faucets on just enough so that a slow, steady drip of water comes out.

This keeps the water moving. Moving water is much harder to freeze and can prevent bursting in the first place. It will cost you a bit more on your water or electric bill, but, that is a fraction of the amount it will cost to repair the pipes and all of the damage caused by flooding.

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