high preasureThe modern bath and kitchen is well-engineered to last a decade or more, but this depends on the type of faucets you have in place as well as the quality of water passing through your plumbing system. Faucets are critical in completing the overall layout of a kitchen, bathroom or lavatory. Kitchen faucets usually come in handy when you want to wash dirt off the plates, cleanse your dishes or when you want to perform some laundry. Some kitchen faucets are designed with extra special features such as the sprayer hose.

There are four main kinds of faucets; the ceramic disk, compression, ball-type and cartridge faucet. Faucets are normally selected based on the type of finish, design of the handle and the product molding. To undertake a sink faucet repair, you need to first examine the type of sink you have. The most common types of sink are overmount sinks, undermount sinks, console sinks and pedestal sinks.

Faucet Components

Faucets usually break down from time to time due to a number of reasons, including worn out parts and inadequate maintenance. The parts of a faucet are grouped under the following categories: 

• Aerators
• Faucet seals nuts and adapters
• Sprayers
• Faucet handles and buttons
• Drains and stoppers
• Electronic metering and controls
• Kitchen faucet components
• Bath shower faucet components

Kitchen faucet components

The parts of a faucet used in the kitchen include; faucet spout seal kit, kitchen faucet plastic diverter bushing, kitchen faucet sprout seal kit and faucet replacement valve cartridge. If you want to buy a faucet repair parts, it is important to go for a brand with stock replacement parts because lifetime warranty will not prevent you from replacing your cartridge, since water contains many minerals that cause corrosion or buildup.

Faucet Repair

You can easily spot when your faucet is in need of repair through tests and observation. A discolored appearance or cracks on your faucet finish most likely means it is worn out. On the other hand, if the internal parts of your faucet become less efficient, you may be forced to find faucet repair parts such as the O-rings, valve assembly, clips and screws, before performing the replacement. The most common faucet repair problems include leaking, squeaky handle, free-flowing faucet and noisy faucet. The compression faucet uses a rubber washer to seal the valve seat. The rubber washers often wears out with time, as such, it must be replaced periodically. If you have a leaky ceramic-disk or a cartridge type of faucet, it is highly recommended that you replace the neoprene seal or the O-rings. Most leaks on compression faucets can be stopped by adding a new seat washer. If the leak persists, call a professional plumber immediately to address the problem. 

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