Replacement of old pump with battery backup combo unit

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Basements, situated below street level, face the constant risk of flooding from ground water, posing a threat to valuable possessions stored within. Wise homeowners opt for proactive basement protection measures, investing in advanced devices such as backwater valves, sump pumps, and battery backup systems. This article explores the importance of safeguarding basements and delves into the intricacies of battery backup pump systems.

Replacement of old pump with battery backup combo unit


Basement Protection Essentials:

Every new house is equipped with a sump pit and pump in the basement to manage underground water. Weeping tiles installed along the foundation’s perimeter collect groundwater, channeling it to the sump pit. The pit, triggered by a floater switch when water levels rise, activates the sump pump, preventing potential flooding.

Common Issues with Sump Pumps:

Despite their utility, sump pumps are vulnerable to failures, primarily due to power outages, circuit tripping, or pump breakdowns. The repercussions of a non-functional sump pump can be disastrous, leading to flooded basements and damaged valuables.

Enter the Battery Backup Pump:

To mitigate the risks associated with primary pump failures, engineers devised the battery backup pump system. This secondary pump, powered by a marine deep cycle battery, operates in tandem with the primary pump. Comprising the pump itself, a control unit, and the battery, this backup system ensures continuous basement protection.

Battery backup sump pump installation in North York

How the Battery Backup Pump Works:

When water levels surpass the primary pump’s floater switch, the backup pump kicks in, utilizing DC electric current from the charged battery. The control unit ensures the battery remains fully charged during normal conditions, sounding an alarm when the backup pump engages. This alert signals homeowners to investigate the primary pump’s functionality or seek professional assistance promptly.

Mister Plumber’s Expertise:

Mister Plumber, with its experienced team of licensed plumbers, specializes in the installation of battery backup pump systems. Using top-tier brands known for their reliability, backup pumps are available in 1/3 HP and 1/2 HP options. Moreover, Toronto homeowners may benefit from rebates offered by the city for the installation of battery backup pumps.

Service Areas:

Mister Plumber proudly extends its services to various locations, including Toronto, Mississauga, Oakville, Vaughan, Brampton, Milton, Markham, Thornhill, and Richmond Hill.

Protecting your basement from potential flooding is a crucial aspect of homeownership. By investing in advanced solutions like battery backup pump systems, you not only secure your valuables but also ensure peace of mind. Mister Plumber stands ready to assist homeowners in Toronto and surrounding areas with reliable installations and expert plumbing services. Safeguard your basement today to safeguard your tomorrow.

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