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Water meter replacementNorth York is one of six administrative districts in Toronto, and has a population in excess of 869,401. Formerly an independent city, it was eventually amalgamated with Toronto in 1998. North York is recognized as an important economic contributor to the city of Toronto. In addition to its high-density residences and rapid transit, it is home to some of the most successful businesses in the region, many of which reside in the North York City Centre.

Plumbing in North York

Plumbing in North YorkNorth York is susceptible to heavy rainfalls during different parts of the year. In 2005, for example, the region received extremely high amounts of rain. Unfortunately, many people in North York during this time did not possess the safest and strongest plumbing infrastructure required to handle such a situation. The result of this was that many residences and commercial buildings in various areas experienced extreme forms of flooding and related damages. Not surprisingly, resolving these problems required not only substantial plumbing repairs and upgrades, but also significant restoration work. Sadly, all of this could have been avoided if the necessary plumbing infrastructure had been installed beforehand in accordance with recommended standards.

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We are your best bet for North York Plumbers. Our contractors are fully licensed, professional plumbers, who rely on the most advanced tools and products available. They have successfully Our North York plumberscompleted their educational and apprenticeship training, and have extensive experience in all areas of residential and commercial plumbing. Our contractors, unlike new plumbing companies, have been serving North York residents and businesses since 2007 and enjoy a long-standing reputation among the community as committed, hard-working and reliable professionals.

Our Services

North York plumbing servicesOur contractors provide both residential and commercial plumbing services in every area. We resolve routine issues, such as leaky or burst pipes, clogged pipes, broken fixtures, deficient drains and sewage back-ups. We also provide sophisticated solutions for protecting your property over the long-term from heavy rain and flooding. These include onsite assessments and evaluations, as well as the installation of more important plumbing devices and infrastructure, such as back-water wells, sub-pumps, and battery-operated back-up pumps. If you have an urgent matter that requires an emergency plumber, we invite you to call us today.

Government Rebate

In recognition of the need for plumbing infrastructure that protects against future flooding, the City of Toronto provides up to a $3,400 rebate to North York residents. We are proud to support this program by advertising it to the larger North York community, as well as by accepting any service that is funded by it. You can contact us directly to confirm possible eligibility for this initiative.