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Water Leak Detection and Repair

Leaks can originate from various sources such as pipes, faucets, toilets, sinks, shut-off valves, and showers, often catching homeowners off guard, disrupting daily routines, and requiring both time and financial resources to address. Repairing or replacing broken pipes or plumbing fixtures may exceed the homeowner’s expertise, necessitating swift action, such as contacting a professional plumber. Mister Plumber takes pride in serving North York residents for over two decades, offering expert drain and plumbing services. Don’t disregard even the smallest drip or leak; contact us today to schedule a plumber’s visit. Our fleet is equipped with all the necessary parts and tools to address any water leak issues in homes or condo units.

Replacement of leaky water supply hoses for washing machine

Fixing a Broken Toilet or Replacement

Toilet malfunctions can involve drainage issues or problems within the tank’s mechanism. A clogged or overflowing toilet can typically be remedied with a plunger or auger, while leaky or continuously running toilets may require replacing components like gaskets, fill valves, flappers, flush valves, or supply lines. While toilets vary, our North York plumbers utilize universal and adjustable replacement parts for prompt repairs. If you suspect a toilet malfunction, don’t delay – call our licensed plumbers to schedule an appointment. For toilet replacements, count on our meticulous installations, using high-quality gaskets, bolts, and supply lines to ensure longevity.

Toilet and vanity in powder room

Faucet Problems: Diagnostic and Repair

The cartridge serves as the central component of any faucet, responsible for mixing hot and cold water and regulating flow. Each brand has its own unique cartridge design, differing in shape, size, and internal mechanisms. Thus, resolving a dripping or leaking faucet often hinges on the availability of the exact replacement part. Mister Plumber is well-versed in the various brands used in North York, with our highly skilled plumbers stocked with most common brand cartridges or able to source them promptly from plumbing supply stores. Contact us for licensed and experienced plumbers to diagnose faucet issues and perform necessary repairs.

Wall hung vanity faucet

Unclog Kitchen Sink Drains with a Snake

Kitchen sinks are prone to frequent clogs, primarily due to grease buildup over time, compounded by other factors such as debris from rags, scrubbers, stainless steel sponges, and food particles. Initially manifesting as slow drainage, these issues can escalate to complete blockages. Our drain cleaning specialists at Mister Plumber employ advanced snaking machines of various sizes or high-pressure power flush machines to swiftly and effectively remove any clogs. If you notice signs of poor drainage in your kitchen sink, reach out to our experienced drain experts today.

Kitchen sink drain and faucet

Addressing Low Water Pressure Concerns

Water pressure is influenced by numerous factors, including the size of the main underground pipe, type of shut-off valve, water meter size, distribution pipe in the basement, and the age of the hot water tank. One critical factor is the main water line from the municipal pipe to the house. Many homes in North York still utilize undersized 1/2” or 5/8” pipes. Mister Plumber is the premier choice for upgrading water lines to 3/4” or 1” using advanced methods such as torpedo drilling or trench excavation. With new pipes, we automatically install reliable new main shut-off valves near the water meter. If you’re dissatisfied with the water pressure in your home, contact us to discuss upgrading the pipe from the property line to the basement.

Checking water pressure from kitchen tap in Toronto

Plumbing for Renovation Projects

Installing new plumbing and drain systems or relocating existing ones necessitates familiarity with plumbing codes and extensive experience. Renovations entail significant investments, making it imperative to ensure that everything behind the walls is done correctly and in proper working order. When walls are opened during renovations, it’s prudent to not only replace shower or tub faucets but also inspect and upgrade water and drain pipes as needed. Mister Plumber collaborates with numerous renovation contractors in North York, known for delivering professional and reliable plumbing services. Our certified plumbers are well-acquainted with modern fixtures and faucets popular in contemporary renovations. Our unmatched experience makes us the dependable choice for your project—contact us today for our reliable services.

Kitchen renovation

Fix your drain system with experienced drain technicians.

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  1. Locate your drains & inspect your sewer pipes with high-definition drain cameras.
  2. After a proper drain diagnosis, we’ll clear your sewer backup with versatile drain snakes or power-flush everything out with industrial-grade water jets.
  3. Replace your broken-down drains with new and reinforced PVC drain pipes and install backwater valves to prevent backflow.

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Get regular check-ups to ensure your drain system is free-flowing and that your sump pumps, sewage ejectors, backwater valves, drain cleaners, and water meters are fully functional. We also take preventative measures like:

Waterproofing with weeping tiles and sump pump installation in Toronto basement

Your friends at Mister Plumber are always on the lookout for any looming plumbing disasters waiting to happen – and we’ll stop them dead in their tracks.

Emergency plumbers in North York

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