Emergency plumbers in Etobicoke
Etobicoke plumbersEtobicoke was an independent city in southeastern Ontario until 1998 when it became amalgamated with Toronto. It is now one of six administrative districts in this city. Etobicoke has a population in excess of 365,000, and is characterized by large main streets, big housing developments, green spaces and parks. Some of its neighbourhoods include Kingsview Village, Richview, Humber Heights, Eatonville, Sunnylea, and Long Branch. Etobicoke’s most recognizable land marks consist of the 1830 Montgomery’s Inn, the Union Pearson Express and James Gardens.

Plumbing in Etobicoke

Plumbing in Etobicoke

In addition to being susceptible to heavy rainfall during different parts of the year, Etobicoke is known for having hard clay soil. This makes many residential and commercial properties in this area particularly vulnerable to both flooding and flood damage. The people of Etobicoke came face to face with this reality in 2013, when the city experienced a significant amount of flooding due to rain and inadequate soil absorption. Fortunately, this kind of disaster is not inevitable. With the most advanced and modern plumbing infrastructure, residents and business can ensure that their properties remain both safe and stable over the long-term.

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Our Etobicoke plumbers are among the most qualified in the industry. Not only have they successfully competed exceptional-level education and training, but they have also acquired a diverse range of experiences in both residential and commercial plumbing. Our plumbers provide honest and thorough evaluations, offer exceptional rates, and rely on the most sophisticated and advanced technologies and methods to perform their services. We have been serving Etobicoke residents and businesses since 2007, and are well-recognized by the community as principled, hard-working and dependable plumbing professionals.

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Etobicoke plumbing services

Our contractors provide both residential and commercial plumbing services for every need. We provide a range of basic services, such as drain cleaning and drain repair. We also provide a wide variety of solutions for larger-scale projects that are designed to protect your property over the long-term. For instance, in addition to inspecting and evaluating your plumbing for overall stability and safety, we install essential plumbing devices and infrastructure, such as back-water wells, sub-pumps, and battery-operated back-up pumps. If you require an emergency plumber for any of these or other services, we invite you to call us today.

Government Rebate

People residing in Etobicoke, who require plumbing upgrades and/or infrastructure to protect against future flooding, may be eligible for up to a $3,400 rebate from the City of Toronto. We encourage all residents to contact us to confirm both program eligibility and/or to book associated program services.