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Scarborough Plumbers from Mister PlumberFormerly an independent city in southeastern Ontario, Scarborough became one of six administrative districts in Toronto in 1998. With a population of over 630,000, it is one of the less densely populated districts in the city, and therefore less congested. Scarborough contains a lot of parks and ravine lands, and is home to a variety of different neighbourhoods that have rich and diverse histories. These include Agincourt, Highland Creek, West Hill, and Wexford. The district’s most distinguishable landmarks are The Rouge River and Rough National Park.

Plumbing in Scarborough

Plumbing in ScarboroughMany residential and commercial properties in Scarborough are vulnerable to flooding and flood damage. This is due not only to the heavy rain that the area experiences during different parts of the year, but also to the hard condition of its soil. When heavy rains develop in Scarborough, the hardness of the soil significantly reduces the rate by which the rain is absorbed and travels through the ground. Unfortunately, this often results in an excessive buildup of water that is incapable of being properly absorbed through the ground and/or discharged by basic or ineffective plumbing infrastructure.

Scarborough also contains a lot of older houses that have outdated plumbing. Older plumbing infrastructure is problematic for residential and business owners in this area because it exacerbates the risks of both flooding and flood damage, which are already quite high due to heavy rainfalls and hard soil conditions.

Our Plumbers

Our Scarborough plumbersWe represent some of most qualified Scarborough Plumbers available. As fully licensed plumbers, our contractors have acquired exceptional knowledge and skills in all areas of plumbing through a combination of education, apprenticeship training and diverse professional experience. Our plumbers provide honest and thorough assessments, and employ only the latest and most advanced tools, products and techniques when carrying out their services. We have been serving Scarborough residents and businesses since 2007, and are celebrated as committed, hard-working and reliable plumbing professionals throughout the community.

Our Services

As some of the best plumbers in Scarborough, our contractors provide a full complement of both residential and commercial plumbing services. They are experts Scarborough plumbing servicesin the treatment of routine issues, such as leaky and clogged pipes, deficient toilets and sinks, drain cleaning, and drain repair. They are well-versed in providing effective solutions for emergency plumbing problems, such as cracked and burst pipes and sewage back-ups. They are also proficient in the installation of essential plumbing infrastructure, including everything from fixtures to back-water wells to sub-pumps to battery-operated back-up pumps. If you looking for an emergency plumber for a time-sensitive matter, we invite you to call us today.

Government Rebate

The city of Scarborough provides up to a $3,400 rebate to residents, who purchase plumbing services for long-term protection and safety against future flooding. Our contract plumbers are proud to accept services associated with this program, and encourage all residents to contact us directly to confirm possible eligibility.