Sump pump replacement in Mississauga

Navigating the intricate web of pipes and fittings behind drywall and beneath your basement floor can be daunting. Your house’s plumbing and drain system, comprising various pipes and fittings of different types and sizes, can be categorized into three main groups: water distribution, sanitary, and storm drainage. Homeowners must prioritize regular inspection, maintenance, and necessary repairs to ensure the system’s optimal functioning. Beyond managing water from the city via the sanitary drain, attention must be given to natural underground water and storm sewage to prevent basement flooding.

Sump pit with combo sump pump installation in Etobicoke basement

Understanding the Significance of Sump Pumps:

Groundwater forms a fluctuating water table, prompting the installation of weeping tiles around the foundation perimeter. These tiles channel groundwater to the sump pit, equipped with an electronic sump pump powered by 110 volts from an electric outlet. This device efficiently transports collected water from the pit to the outside or storm sewer, playing a crucial role in keeping your basement dry.

Types of Sump Pumps and Their Operation:

Two primary types of pumps, pedestal, and submersible, serve residential needs. The submersible pump, preferred for its superior power and performance, consists of an oil-filled body housing the electric motor, with inlets at the bottom and a 1.5″ discharge outlet on the side. A pre-fabricated power cord connects to a receptacle through the pit lid, and a separate circuit is recommended to avoid overloading. The discharge pipe, installed by a plumber, must have a slight slope outside for proper water flow and to prevent freezing.

Installation of sump pit with pump in Etobicoke basement

Symptoms of Sump Pump Malfunction:

1. Absence of noise from the sump pit
2. Failure to pump water
3. Unusual or loud noises during operation
4. Excessive shaking of the discharge pipe
5. Water spots around the pit and along the foundation
6. Tripped circuit breaker
7. Burning smell from the cord and pit
8. Presence of oil on the water surface inside the pit

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Sump pump replacement in Mississauga

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Our highly skilled technicians are committed to providing optimal flood protection for your home. Take advantage of the City of Toronto flood subsidy program, offering an 80% rebate for sump pump upgrades, covering both supply and installation costs with a maximum of $1750 per household. Invest in the protection of your basement with the installation of a battery backup sump pump, ensuring continuous operation during primary pump failures or power outages.